Have you ever wanted to use a fragrance but had issues that prevented you from using one?  After chemo I become overly sensitive to smell.  I found that I could use a lighter fragrance and still get the same effect but of course it just didn’t last as long.  You can also use a scented powder or lotion.  If it’s your skin that’s sensitive, you can try spraying some of your favorite fragrance on your under garments.  When you apply perfume on your wrists, don’t rub them together as this will bruise the fragrance.  Gently touch your wrists together if you wish to spread the fragrance.  Give the perfume a few minutes to get to the final scent as fragrances have several notes they must go through to reach the final stage.  You can cup your hand over the spot where you applied the perfume to hurry it a bit.

There are endless choices of fragrance but most fall into just a few categories such as floral, woodsy, oriental, fresh and green.  It took me awhile to come up with this information when I was recovering.  Hope this is helpful. While I can’t help you in picking out a fragrance, I have attached a chart that might be helpful if you enjoy Avon Fragrances.

PDF     Avon Fragrance Selector Card