Welcome to Avon 2.0

Your Unit is Called the The “Awesome A-Team”

Welcome to Avon – My wife, Beth and I started our Avon business nearly 20 years ago. Beth passed away on December 9, 2019. Avon meant the world to her and so I am continuing the business in her honor. We have built an award winning team and I hope you will find our ideas and sharing worthwhile. Please join our Facebook group Avon Awesome A-Team for more information and helpful ideas from other representatives. We also have this web site with lots of ideas and ways to help you succeed with Avon.

Your Unit Leader is Michael Vigil

First, I want you to know how happy I am that you chose Avon over the others in your journey to start your own business. I personally think you made a wise decision. Whatever your vision is of your Avon business, I want you to know I am here to help you achieve it.

Let’s talk about Getting Started

Once you receive your account number and district number, visit http://www.youravon.com and click on the “Set up your account now” link beneath the login form. You will be asked for your district number, account number and last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (If  you did not furnish Avon with your SSN#, use 4 zeros in this field). Avon will then walk you through the entire set-up process. If you do not complete the setup, you can visit https://www.youravon.com, sign in and visit Web Office. At the bottom of the page, under Resources, visit Online Quick Setup.

Make sure you pay attention to the e-Rep address, it will be http://www.youravon.com/somepartofyourname. The part after the slash will also be your code to use if you decide to recruit a team to work under you. They will need to enter this code in the sign up page if it is not already populated. Please read the Avon Getting Started Guide for more information.

If you have any questions or problems during the setup or at any point, please contact your Mentor or you can also contact me directly. You can see the name and contact information for your Mentor if you select the Support link at the top, right hand corner of the home page, and click Contact your Mentor. You can find your Online Store address by clicking on the pink My Store link at the top right hand corner of the home page. You can find your credit limit by visiting VIBE (link at the top left corner of the home page. Find your name (pink link) and select it. This will take you to your profile where you will find this information.

Let’s Talk Incentives:

As you begin to sell, please pay attention to the current incentives for New Representatives (https://www.youravon.com/home/incentives). You can also find a link at the bottom of youravon.com at the bottom of the home page. Currently, the program for new representatives is called Kick Start. Click to see the Kick Start Program Guide.

Let’s Talk about Orders:

Your orders are due every 2 weeks. We call our 2 week intervals Campaigns. Depending on your Credit Worthiness, you may have a Credit Limit extended by Avon for ordering purposes. If you do, it will be used to keep from having to pay the entire balance as you place an order. In 2 weeks, when the next order is due, your balance must then be paid in full (zero balance). When you place the 2nd order, you will have the Credit Limit to use again (if you have one at all). Click Here for more information on Avon’s Credit Limit Policy.

Go to www.youravon.com, click on “Campaign Insider” found on the center of the row of links under the YourAvon 2.0 logo. You’ll find a link to the calendar underneath the Video. You can download a copy there. Avon Order Campaigns are numbered 1 – 26 for the Avon Calendar Year. Look on your calendar to see when your orders are due. You can place your Avon Order any time during the two-week campaign period and you can also place multiple orders (however, you will  pay additional shipping fees) during the same period. I suggest that you place your order during the first week of the campaign to avoid having shortage of products and if you have any problems with your order, you will have time to resolve it before the order deadline. The campaign ends on Tuesday of the second week at 5:00pm ET. This is very important to know because if you are even one minute late, your order will go into the next campaign. So, if you’re trying to earn an incentive, this could be the difference between making it or not.

I have also created a Quick Start Guide to give you readily accessible information as you get started on your Avon Business. Please print this out and keep it handy.

You can use your order book to guide you in taking orders. You also have tools available on “www.youravon.com >> Web Office” to keep up with online and representative placed orders. The Web Office has an invoicing app you can use for billing customers. Invoices will be automatically generated (you still have to check them and print them out) if you put each individual customer order in under their name (simply add a customer from the order page or from Web Office>>Address Book). You can also download the Avon app to your phone to keep up with orders “on the go”. The Avon app is called YourAvonMobile. As you take orders, remember to charge the $0.75 customer order fee. You will use this money to help pay your shipping fees to Avon and also to contribute to the price of your supplies (brochures, samples, bags, etc). You should charge tax on every order you place and deliver. Tax is based on your local tax where you live. You figure your tax after the .75 order fee is added. If you need to look up what sales tax you should charge, here is a Sales Tax Calculator.

When you are ready to start placing your orders at youravon.com, there are several ways to enter your orders. You can click on the “Start New Order” at the top right hand corner of the screen. This will take you to the brochures. Browse the brochures and you can select an item, select a customer and add it to cart. If you don’t have a page number or product number, you can “Search” for products by description to find your item (top left hand corner of screen). Put items in the cart the same way as before. If you know the product number, you can “Enter Items” (top left hand corner of screen). This is good for larger orders. You can view a video about placing orders in Avon U Training.

If you have an order for the next campaign, you would browse for products or enter them the same, but instead of clicking Add to Order, click Add to Next Campaign. When you are ready to view your orders, click on Cart at the top right hand corner of your screen, then click View Orders. Review your order and if everything is correct, submit your order. If you have money due with your order, you will need to enter your payment information before you submit your order.  Don’t forget to order Samples and Books with every order. Without books, you cannot get orders. Brochures, Samples and Business Tools are under the Products tab.

Let’s Talk Earnings:

Avon has two ways for you to earn through sales. You can place orders at www.youravon.com, deliver the order and collect the money. You will then use part of this money to pay Avon for the product you ordered. This is the first way, by keeping the earnings.

Customers can visit your Online Store (www.youravon.com/somepartofyourname) and create an account. They can order by Direct Delivery and Avon will deliver the order directly to them ($40 or more is Free Shipping). They can also choose Representative Delivery and their order will show up in your cart at your representative site. They are not charged at the time of the order if they choose this option as you will deliver it as a normal face to face order. If they live too far for you to deliver, please contact them and make sure they choose Direct Delivery. You earn the same percentage for online orders as you do for representative placed face to face  Click here to see the Sales Chart      There is one exception to the Sales Chart. If you participate and follow the guidelines of the Kickstart Program, you will earn a guaranteed 40% on your first 7 Campaign, on ALL products (when you hit the Kickstart goals).

Let’s Talk about Getting Paid:

With your face to face sales, your customer actually pays you. You collect the full amount of the order and then pay Avon what your invoice says you owe. You keep the rest, this is your paycheck. The first rule is to make sure you get money from your customer BEFORE you ever release product into their hands. Regardless of who the customer is, good intentions won’t pay your Avon bill. It is your decision whether you accept checks from customers. Just remember if the check does come back “insufficient funds”, it is your responsibility to collect any extra money you need to cover your business expenses (NSF bank charges, etc). When you pay your AVON bill, Avon does not accept checks, only

With online sales, your earnings show up as a credit on your Avon account. This credit is the same as getting paid. You can leave this money as a credit to offset your balance (pay what you owe), or you can choose to have Avon deposit your online or leadership earnings directly into a Checking Account via Direct Deposit. Look under My Account, Get Paid By Avon to set up you direct deposit options. You can also sign up for an Avon Savings Plan here.

Avon has a program called Quick Pay that sets you up for electronic payments to Avon directly from your Checking account. You set up a pin number and pay online or by phone. Once you sign up for Quick Pay, it takes about 48 hours for your account to become active. You can also pay by debit or credit card online and by using FastTalk (513-551-2866).

You can always see your balance due to Avon at the bottom of every invoice.

Welcome to Avon
Figure 1

Let’s Talk about Returns:

Online customers must visit YOUR online store, scroll to the bottom and click Shipping Information. Under Returns/Option 1, click on Print Your PrePaid Return Label Now, fill out the form completely and submit the form. Print the label and mail your package. Avon will deduct $5.95 from the refund. If the return was due to an Avon error, the customer will not pay the return shipping.

For representative orders: Go to Orders and click on Returns. Avon Representatives are responsible for paying the return postage either thru the USPS or UPS. We print the labels from the Avon site and are then charged by weight when Avon receives the package of returns. Avon has negotiated rates so the charges are not excessive. Currently, as of 5/7/17, Avon will reimburse you for one return shipment per calendar month effectively making it free. Just make sure you only send returns once a month.

New Avon, LLC’s return policy allows customers to return a product for any reason for up 90 days after receipt. Representatives have 120 days to submit the return to Avon.

Let’s Talk about Opportunity:

Leadership is an opportunity where you can recruit and then manage your own team while receiving a percentage of your team’s sales. There is no fee for the Leadership Kit and it will come to you automatically once your first recruit is entered into the system. To start Leadership you simply have your recruit go to www.startavon.com and enter your unique representative code. To find your code, click “My Store” (top right corner) for your Online Store URL address (this is your unique code). You can also send them to https://www.youravon.com/becomeARep?shopURL=XXXXX. Replace “XXXXX’ with your Unique Code.

Avon has a program called “Kickstart” for New Representatives. This an opportunity for your New Representative to earn as they grow. Click Here to view the flyer explaining the Kickstart program. If you are interested in Leadership, please let me know.

Fundraisers are also a great opportunity to gain more orders and loyal customers, as well as give back to a worthy cause you believe in. Learn more about Fundraising Opportunity at the bottom of the home page at youravon.com.

Let’s Talk about Brochures:

If you want your Avon business to succeed, you must order brochures with every order. Your brochures are your life line to your business. If you skip a campaign, you have closed the doors to your business for that 2 week period. The brochures are numbered by campaign (2 week periods). You can order from each brochure 3 times: the regular campaign date, then twice by backordering. The more brochures you order, the better the price. Current Brochure Pricing can be found on my Quick Reference Guide, along with a lot more useful information.

Welcome to AvonThis is an example of the label I use for my brochures. It contains an order-by date (beginning date) and the last day that you can back order from that book.

Outlet and sales flyers work the same as the normal books. You can order during the current campaign and backorder for up to two additional campaigns. Make sure to tell your customers that if they are ordering from the Outlet that supplies are limited.

Let’s Talk about Demos:

Your demo (What’s New) book gives you (not your customers) the chance to order products early for the purpose of showing your customers a product in advance. You are limited to one of each offer as a new representative. The price you see in the demo book is the price you will pay (when you order online the price shown will be “Customer Price”, but you will be billed at the correct demo price on your invoice.). In small writing you will see the retail brochure price for your customers. Your demos and brochures will always be 2 campaigns ahead of what you are currently ordering.

Let’s Talk about President’s Club:

Mrs. AlbeePresident’s Club is a personal sales achievement level of $10,000. That equates to about $385 in sales per campaign if you start at the beginning of the sales year. The President’s Club cycle runs from Campaign 1 through Campaign 26 each year. Total sales are calculated based on the Avon sales year. (When achieving President’s Club you get the opportunity to order 3 demos instead of 1, you will receive a toll-free phone number for assistance from Avon, you receive 25% off the “20% only items” (fixed earning items) and 40% on all other items as long as you remain active, you can attend the President’s Club Luncheon and last but certainly not least you will receive 400 President’s Club Points which you can use to purchase the Mrs. Albee award for reaching the President’s Club level (Mrs. Albee was Avon’s first representative).

Let’s Talk about Training:

One of the most important uses of your time will be to complete your Online Training Classes. Online training is available for a variety of subjects. Go to the “Avon U” tab at www.youravon.com and check them out. You will learn how to enter your replacements and credits as well as other useful selling tips. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on this!

If you are a Leadership Representative, you can find a section at Avon U where you can view reports and see what training your team members have completed.

Let’s Talk about What’s Next:

Special Incentives for New Representatives

In the meantime, whatever you need, please don’t hesitate to call me. You will succeed if that is your goal. So set your goals. See you soon.

Again, Welcome to Avon!

Beth Vigil